Building the bridge between

Fairtrade consumers and

certified producers


A sustainable business model, promoting and financing Fairtade

The FairCapital Consumer Cooperative (Fair2C) aims to facilitate the sustainable development of fair trade and the Fairtrade Max Havelaar ecosystem.  Together, we fund demand-driven investments, play a key role in the implementation of innovative financing solutions and safeguard the economic interests of our members through common action.

We are building  a bridge between responsible consumers and Fairtrade certified producers by developing alternative commercial models for better access to financing for Fairtrade certified producers, manufacturers and traders. It is Fair2C’s mission to support projects that increase supply and to provide preferred access to Fairtrade certified products for its members.



Case study

Norcafé is a coffee cooperative with more than 450 producers, nestled in the heart of the Peruvian coffee hills,  close to the Amazon region.

The small-scale farmer organization is a great example of cross-generational knowledge transfer: its members preserve the coffee cultivation traditions, while at the same time continuously adapting to changing circumstances and new technologies. Since 2016, Norcafé has started exporting containers of specialty coffee internationally. In 2018, the cooperative  was crowned as one of the winners of the Cup of Excellence. As a result of their strong dedication and high-quality coffee, the market has begun to respond positively with increasing demand. Consumers show a willingness to pay higher prices per pound of coffee. However, Norcafé also has an increasing need for financing to deliver on its export contracts.

If you want to know more about Norcafé and the reasons behind our focus on organic and Fairtrade certified coffee cooperatives, please click here.


Your role

Private individuals and organizations can participate in the development and funding of innovative financing solutions for Fairtrade certified producers. Fair2C members purchase at least one share for CHF 5’000 as a long-term investment. 

In collaboration with FairCapital SA, the consumer-controlled cooperative will develop innovative financing solutions for the Fairtrade Max Havelaar ecosystem. FairCapital positions itself as a strategic financial partner of certified producers, offering financing solutions for each stage of their life cycle. To multiply its impact on the Fairtrade value chain, FairCapital continuously seeks to collaborate with strategic partners and other investors.

How to join us?

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